Katrin's Breath-hold-education, Part1/wmv-pda

Katrin teaches her slave in breath-holding-techniques with her ass and weight. She steps over him and chains his hands on the special facesitting-bench.
Securely fixed and helpless, he looks at her great ass, which slowly decends on his face, realizing that this lesson under her ass gets hard and painfull. She sits consequent and heavy on his face, He struggles because lack of air, but she continues with her smothering lesson…. may be until his face has the same red like her dress.

Katrin\’s Breath-hold-education, Part1/wmv-pda – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Agressive And Cruel Butt Jump Destroyer - New Girl Bianca Ferreira - New Mf 2013 - Full Version - Esclusive Mf

STARRING : new girl BIANCA FERREIRA and little slave VIVI.



Agressive And Cruel Butt Jump Destroyer – New Girl Bianca Ferreira – New Mf 2013 – Full Version – Esclusive Mf – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Woman Chair For Renata Colossos 396.83 Lb - New Mf 2013 - Full Version - Exclusive Mf

STARRING : giant fat RENATA COLOSSOS 396.83 LB and little slave VANINHA.

SYNOPSIS : The priority of mf video is to show the superiority humiliating inferiority. In this video we demonstrate that a fat woman and a slave makes heavy small and thin.Renata sitting and humiliating aggressively amuses and Vaninha suffers to much.


Woman Chair For Renata Colossos 396.83 Lb – New Mf 2013 – Full Version – Exclusive Mf – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Guess My Weight With Kordelia

Being a wise ass fond of Kordelias ass, Kan asks her to play carnival. She wonders what it is, and he says, You sit on my face, I guess your weight! She rolls her eyes and deems it and him too stupid to deal with so she tosses him to the mattress and commences a brutal, bruising display of breath-deprivation you gotta see to believe! Kordelia, in her tiny, tight boy shorts, just BURIES his face in her meaty, muscular thighs and succulent, sweet ass over and over, making him guess her weight, and hes wrong every time! Hes fighting for air every step of the way and she leaves him limp and nearly lifeless, telling him Im gonna go eat some beans and cabbage and be back for more!

Guess My Weight With Kordelia – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Fs08 Yellow Bikini Keli In The Kitchen

Persuaded Keli to do a bikini facesit, just so you could all see her magnificent figure. Well worth the extra money as this cute babe has a fit tight body and she knows how to ride face too.

Fs08 Yellow Bikini Keli In The Kitchen – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Maid To Smother With Kristiana

In Maid to Smother, hottie Kristiana is dressed like a sexy maid but is not taken with the bosss lecherous advances. He is smitten by her ass, so she turns it loose on him in a dizzying display of facesitting prowess! Her little outfit does little to hide her fanny-tastic ASSets as she buries his face in her tight, muscular ass and takes his breath away by smothering him in her rock-hard thighs and panty-clad pussy! She is not just a maid, shes Maid to Smother!

Maid To Smother With Kristiana – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Cpl-mv-754 Alpha Female Dominance

Sara and BBW Sam square off again, this time in the bedroom. Sara is very confident in beating Sam, and really wanting to humiliate her. Sam was not backing down from this challenge, and was going to do whatever it took to try and beat Sara. Unfortunately for Sam this match turns into a full blown one sided domination session. Sara engulfs Sam’s face in her huge tits, enjoying her squirming beneath her, making Sam gasp. Placing Sam in headscissors now, Sam is stuck in her think thighs, now with Sara taunting her the only way that she would release the pressure, Sam had to slap her ass. Seeing Sam weakening, Sara uses full weight facesits, and finishes Sam off with a complete nose in the ass smothering reverse facesit. Sara’s verbal trashing throughout the video was superb.

Cpl-mv-754 Alpha Female Dominance – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Can I Facesit You Now With Lia Labowe

He’s using a cell phone next to a pissed-off Lia LaBowe, who snaps it shut on him and commences to shutting up his sorry ass – with hers! Lia, as many of you know from her head-crushing legwork at ScissorVixens.com, is one dominant hottie, and her facesitting debut here, takes his face deep into the meaty cleavage of her extremely powerful, suffocating ass! Wearing a hot one-piece blue suit, she ravages and savages his face over and over on the couch, the floor, over the edge of the couch, anywhere his face is, she will angrily sit and smother him senseless! Lia LaBowe: She’s not just all about scissoring, she’s also all about some of the hottest, meanest FACESITTING you’ll EVER see in “Can I Facesit You Now?”

Can I Facesit You Now With Lia Labowe – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

White Ass Meets Black Face

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as taking a big and thick black cock deep into my pussy it’s grinding my ass all over a black man’s face until it stinks like my sweaty crack. The guy in this video loved it too and he came like a fountain just from the smell of my ass crack and the feeling of my soft cheeks pressed against his lips. Wish you could trade places with him?

White Ass Meets Black Face – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]